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OnBase Certified Application Programming Interface (OCAPI)

The OnBase Certified Application Programming Interface (OCAPI) certification is awarded to OnBase professionals who demonstrate an understanding of the OnBase APIs and their functionality.

Certification Steps


Successfully Complete the Pre-Installation eLearning Course

This 90-minute, eLearning course provides you with the essential background information you need to succeed in all level-one OnBase courses.

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Complete the API Training: Pre-Course Evaluation

This online Study Guide and Pre-Course Evaluation Assessment provides an overview of topics that you should be familiar with prior to registering for and/or attending the API Training course.

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Successfully Complete the API Training Course

You have two options for this course: Instructor-led (a duration of five days) or Self-paced. This course explores the Unity API and provides students with an understanding of the capabilities and functionality it provides.

Instructor-led Self Paced

Recertification Options


Successfully complete the API Recertification Session at TechQuest.

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Complete the OCAPI Recertification Using Premium Subscription track.

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Retake the API Training Course - Instructor-led.

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Retake the API Training Course - Self-paced.

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Do you still have questions about the OCAPI certification?

Improper use of the OnBase APIs can corrupt your data or cause damage to your OnBase solution. To ensure users know how to properly use the OnBase APIs, Hyland Software requires you to be an OCAPI-certified programmer to gain access to API support.
Your OCAPI certification, like all Hyland certifications, is valid for two years.
See the Recertification Options section above with details on how to renew your certification for an additional 2 years.
To view the status of your Hyland certifications, see your training transcript by clicking the My Training tab at the top of the page.
Absolutely! As long as your certifications are current, we encourage you to include them in your resume or e-mail signature.
You will retain your Hyland certifications until they expire, but you will not have access to Hyland resources or systems until you are again employed by an authorized Hyland partner or customer.
If you see an error or a discrepancy on your training transcript, send us an e-mail at Training@Hyland.com and we’ll look into it.
TechQuest is a week-long conference dedicated to hands-on, focused OnBase training. TechQuest is offered three times per year at Hyland Software’s headquarters in Westlake, Ohio. For more information or to register, click here.
Premium Subscription is an organization-wide training tool available at Training.OnBase.com/Premium. It is an annual subscription for valid OnBase organizations that provides 24/7 access to the Premium Subscription Courses and content. The Subscription is applied to the entire organization and will grant access to anyone in the organization with a valid Hyland.com/Community or TeamOnBase login.