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Advanced Capture (AnyDoc): Administrative Task Cards


01 AnyDoc Administrative Task Cards (PDF) 4 m

SECTION 1: Licensing

02 License Configuration Utility 4 m
03 Licensing a Workstation 3 m

SECTION 2: Security

04 Security Configuration 5 m

SECTION 3: OCR for AnyDoc Service Account

05 Validating UNC Paths 2 m
06 Configuring OCR for AnyDoc Service Account 5 m
07 Service Account Autoflow Phases 2 m
08 Restarting the AnyDoc Service 2 m

SECTION 4: Form Families

09 Form Family Backups 2 m
10 Form Family Restore 2 m
11 Backup Pending Batches 2 m
12 Restore Pending Batches 4 m
13 Pending Back Viewer 4 m

SECTION 5: Statistics

14 Enabling and Viewing Statistics 5 m

SECTION 6: Upgrades

15 AnyDoc Upgrade 7 m
16 Creating a Test Environment 3 m

SECTION 7: Troubleshooting

17 Creating Debug Images from Existing Batches 5 m
18 Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts 3 m
19 Test Registration Points 6 m

SECTION 8: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

20 Final Assessment

The AnyDoc Administrative Task Card series includes 18 videos covering common tasks an administrator of an AnyDoc solution performs to maintain an optimal and efficient processing state. The series includes topics such as upgrades, security, running AnyDoc as a service, and troubleshooting, etc. Each video will be approximately 5 minutes long and accompanied by an electronic job aid. Click on each of the videos (5-7 minutes) to discover what every AnyDoc System Administrator should know in support of their AnyDoc Solution.

The AnyDoc Administrative Task Cards correspond with the video topics below. Each card provides either step-by-step instructions, additional resources, answers to common questions, and/or additional information about the topic. The cards will be a valuable asset as you continue your AnyDoc career.

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