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Healthcare: Common System Administrative Tasks

SECTION 1: Document Type Templates

01 Create a Patient, Encounter, and Order-Level Document Type 7 m

SECTION 2: Role-based Security

02 Overview: OnBase/EMR Considerations 9 m
03 User Group Templates 4 m
04 Create an Ambulatory User Group 1 m

SECTION 3: Patient Window Configuration

05 Overview: Patient Window Usage and Key Decision Points 4 m
06 Configure a Clinically Relevant Date for Documents 2 m
07 Configure a Default Patient Window Filter 5 m
08 Set a Thumbnail or List View as Default 1 m


09 Overview: HL7 Listener, Processor, and Sender 3 m
10 Copy a Message Template 7 m
11 Map Message Segments 7 m
12 Create an HL7 Import Process (ADT) 4 m
13 ORU Message Type 3 m
14 Create an HL7 Import Process (ORU) 6 m

SECTION 5: Bar Code Processing and Scan Queues

15 Create a Bar Code Process 7 m
16 Create a Scan Queue 9 m

SECTION 6: Final Assessment

17 Final Assessment

This course consists of videos covering common tasks a Healthcare Administrator of an OnBase solution performs to maintain an optimal and efficient processing state.

Join OnBase Healthcare expert Matt DeFaveri as he provides guidance on topics such as Document Type Templates, Role-Based Security, Patient Window configuration, HL7, Scan Queue and Bar Code processing. Use these videos as a high-level guide to what every Healthcare System Administrator should know in support of their OnBase Solution.

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Topics Covered
  • User Group, Document, and Message Templates
  • Configuring tab names in the Patient Window
  • Defining Document Types under tab names in the Patient Window
  • Securing Document Types in the Patient Window
  • Defining the components of an HL7 message
  • Configuring and Importing HL7 messages
  • Working with HL7 segments
  • Using barcodes to identify document types and keywords
  • Configuring barcodes for healthcare solutions
  • Configuring scan queues to read barcodes
  • Scan Queue best practices
  • Creating Auto-Name Strings