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Agenda Management: Agenda User

SECTION 1: Introduction

01 OnBase Agenda Management Overview 2 m

SECTION 2: Creating Items in Review and Approval Workflow

02 Item Submitters and Reviewers 1 m
03 Agenda Items and Attachments 6 m
04 Searching For and Working With Items 12 m
05 Working With an Item's Supporting Documents 8 m
06 Workflow Items 4 m

SECTION 3: Meeting Administrator

07 Meeting Administrator User Training 1 m
08 Creating Meetings 6 m
09 Additional Training Resource: Agenda Management: Administrator
10 Modifying the Meeting Outline 6 m
11 Getting to Know the Meeting Interface 6 m
12 Placing Items on the Meeting Agenda 6 m
13 Moving and Copying Agenda Items 3 m
14 Document Generation and Publishing 8 m
15 OnBase Agenda Online 2 m
16 Minutes 7 m
17 Packets and Unpublishing 1 m

SECTION 4: Minutes & Voting

18 Agenda Client 1 m
19 Start Meeting 1 m
20 Logging into Voting 1 m
21 Public Display Viewer 1 m
22 Voting Client 1 m
23 Minutes Roll Call 1 m
24 Motion Vote 4 m
25 Public Speaker 3 m
26 End Meeting 1 m

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

27 Final Assessment

With OnBase Agenda Management, government organizations, corporations and universities can effectively manage a variety of meeting types. The process of creating meetings and meeting documents, gathering votes and minutes during the meeting, and publishing meeting information to the public is streamlined.

Experts Kyle Young and Troy Doller walk you through all you'll need to know to begin using Agenda Management. From preparing agendas and supporting documents beforehand, to recording and displaying motions and votes during the meeting, and everything in between, this course shows you the complete start-to-finish process of a successfully documented meeting.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • E1495
  • Beginner
  • 1 hr 33 mins
  • Free

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Creating an Agenda Item
  • Indicating a Target Meeting Date for an Agenda Item
  • Adding a Supporting Document From File, From OnBase or From Template
  • Starting a Discussion on an Agenda Item
  • Enabling Security on a Discussion Thread
  • Enabling and Disabling Email Notifications for Discussions
  • Sorting, Rearranging, Grouping and Exporting Agenda Item Search Results
  • Removing Search Result Groupings
  • Attaching and Detaching Supporting Documents for an Agenda Item
  • Reviewing Past Revisions
  • Comparing Revisions and Renditions
  • Creating a Minutes View
  • Enabling Content to be used by Agenda To Go and the Voting Client
  • Setting Meeting Preferences
  • Taking Roll Call
  • Viewing Agenda Items and Attachments in the Voting Client
  • Presenting Information to the Public Via Public Display Viewer