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Technically Speaking - Podcast

Episode 1 - EPs, LTRs & Upgrades, Oh My!

01 Listen to Episode 1 - Ever wonder what the terms Foundation, EP, or LTR mean? This episode helps us see the forest through the trees, getting into the benefits of Hyland's continued evolution, release process, as well as some recent software developments. 19 m
02 OnBase EP4 Release Support
03 Upgrade Adoption Kit
04 Sandbox Environments & Hands-On Labs
05 IAM Services (Hyland IdP) Hands-On Labs

Episode 2 - Records Management or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GRaaS

06 Episode 2 - Understanding data protection laws and keeping your organization in compliance is a full-time job. This episode explains how you can reclaim your time and hit the records management EASY button with Hyland's new(ish) retention policy management solution. If you are among the "we'll just keep our records forever" crowd, then this is the episode for you. 20 m
07 Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) Premium Training Course

Episode 3 - Movin’ On Up, to the Hyland Cloud Part 1

08 Episode 3 - Is now the right time to migrate to the Cloud? What am I missing out on with an on premise deployment? Is the Hyland Cloud right for me? If these questions have been on your mind, settle in for Part 1 of a two-part episode on why you should consider migrating to the Hyland Cloud. 20 m
09 Experience TechQuest!

Episode 4 - Movin’ On Up, to the Hyland Cloud Part 2

10 Episode 4 - Here is the exciting conclusion to our special two-part episode about migrating to the Hyland Cloud. Part 2 will explore challenges you may encounter while migrating your solution and discuss the future of the Hyland Cloud. If you’re still wondering whether you should migrate your solution to the Hyland Cloud, be sure to listen. 19 m
11 New Storage Technologies with Foundation: Hands-On Lab

Episode 5 - Hyland RPA, Set It And Forget It!

12 Episode 5 - Do you find yourself and your users frequently performing repetitive tasks or maybe you are struggling to programmatically integrate a legacy or third party system into your solution. Get ready for a light-bulb moment with the help of Hyland Robotic Process Automation. This episode covers RPA FAQs, and how this suite of products can help automate your solution. 20 m
13 Hyland RPA Training Courses

Episode 6 - OnBase Storage Design, A Look Back to Look Forward...Great Scott!

14 Episode 6 - Ever since the inception of OnBase, storage technology and OnBase have evolved in tandem, and will continue as such into the future. This episode provides insight on what has changed in the environment to help set the stage for what advancements in storage design are all about, and why they are important. 25 m
15 New Storage Technologies with Foundation: Hands-On Lab
16 Disaster Recovery and High Availability for OnBase
17 Tactical Storage Considerations for an OnBase Solution

Episode 7 - S3 Disk Groups - Dude, Where's My Hardware?

18 Episode 7 - Dig into the newer storage technology, Simple Storage Service, otherwise known as S3. An industry standard for storing and retrieving data, S3 disk groups are worth a look for their scalability, security, and performance. 15 m
19 S3 Disk Groups Course

Welcome to Technically Speaking, a new podcast series from Hyland Training. In each episode Hyland trainers and product experts will address topics around Hyland's product evolution, and professional development.

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