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WorkView: Associations for Forms, Document Types & Folders

Course Instruction

01 Form Association Example 3 m
02 Configuring the Form Association 3 m
03 Seeing the Form Association in Action 2 m
04 Document Type & Folder Type Associations 2 m

Course Completion

05 Assessment 1 m

Further Learning

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07 WorkView: Hands-On Lab
08 WorkView: Advanced
09 WorkView Implementation (Instructor-Led Training)
10 WorkView: Application Creation Excelerator (ACE)
11 WorkView: Troubleshooting
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13 WorkView: Notifications with ObjectPop and FilterPop
14 WorkView: Data Sets

WorkView Objects, Document Types, and Forms all provide different ways to represent data effectively in OnBase. While these data elements all have different characteristics, they often relate by Keywords or Attributes, to a single record or transaction in a business process. Since these data types are often tied to the same record or transaction it should be easy to not only associate the items for quick and easy viewing, but to also create these objects from each other as necessary - and that is what these WorkView Associations provide.

In this course you will first see Form Associations in action as we create a New Employee Checklist Unity Form from an Employee Record WorkView Object. Because a user can choose to create this new checklist while viewing the Employee Record, its creation can be triggered at just the right time and in the right context. When the Unity Form is created the Form Association offers data accuracy, due to mapping Employee Record attributes to Keyword values on the new Unity Form.

Next, we will share an example of a Document Type WorkView Association, enabling creation of a new Applicant Record from their submitted Job Application Document.

Last, we will show how Folder Associations can be used to show multiple Documents associated with an Employee's Record, in an organized view, directly within the Employee Record.

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  • 11 mins
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