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WorkView: Calculated Attributes

Course Instruction

01 Calculated Attribute Field Examples 2 m
02 Configuring the Full Name Calculated Attribute 6 m
03 Configuring the Day of the Week Calculated Attribute 4 m
04 Configuring the Count of Characters Calculated Attribute 4 m
05 Configuring a WorkView Trigger vs a Calculated Attribute 3 m
06 Summary 1 m

Course Completion

07 Assessment 2 m

Further Learning

08 WorkView: Building Your First WorkView Solution
09 WorkView: Hands-On Lab
10 WorkView: Advanced
11 WorkView: Troubleshooting
12 WorkView Implementation (Instructor-Led Training)
13 WorkView: Application Creation Excelerator (ACE)
14 WorkView: Notifications with ObjectPop & FilterPop
15 WorkView: Data Sets

Calculated Attributes can enhance the user experience in a WorkView solution by performing calculations with existing attribute data, and presenting the calculation as an effective result. This calculation is done in real-time and reflected in the user experience.

To use permanent data to retrieve, report, or modify something in a solution, you might use WorkView Triggers instead, as Calculated Attributes are not permanently stored.

This short course will provide you with real-world examples for Calculated Attributes, and show you how to configure them as part of a WorkView solution. The course also describes when to consider WorkView Triggers rather than Calculated Attributes, and shows you the configuration for a WorkView Trigger as well.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • E1994
  • Intermediate
  • 22 mins
  • Free

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