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WorkView: Notifications with ObjectPop & FilterPop

Course Instruction

01 See it in Action: Notification Using ObjectPop and FilterPop 1 m
02 Notification Configuration 5 m
03 ObjectPop and FilterPop Configuration 7 m
04 Embedding Filters into a WorkView Notification 2 m
05 Architecture Considerations 5 m

Course Completion

06 Assessment 1 m

Further Learning

07 WorkView: Building Your First WorkView Solution
08 WorkView: Hands-On Lab
09 Web Server: Pop Integrations
10 WorkView: Advanced
11 WorkView: Troubleshooting
12 WorkView: Application Creation Excelerator (ACE)
13 WorkView Implementation: Instructor-Led Training

Emails, when sent with purpose, are critical to much of the work that we all do. In the OnBase world, these emails are known as Notifications, and we can send them as a part of our WorkView solutions. These emails can contain direct links to the important data "Objects" that are driving our WorkView solutions, using what is called ObjectPop. If we want an email recipient to also have a set of highly filtered results for multiple data Objects, then we could use a simple FilterPop tool to either make the filter a clickable link, or even embed the filtered results directly into the email.

In this short course, we will show you how to make this all happen so that your WorkView Notifications can be timely, efficient, and affective.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • E1996
  • Intermediate
  • 21 mins
  • Free

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