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Workflow: Portfolio Relations & Types for Related Items

Course Instruction

01 Introduction & Portfolio Relations Example 3 m
02 Configuring a Portfolio Relation 8 m
03 Using Workflow "Related Item Exists" Logic 8 m
04 Configuring a Document Portfolio Type 4 m
05 Configuring a Folder Portfolio Type 6 m
06 Important Consideration for Folder Portfolio Relations 3 m
07 Using Workflow to Update Document Data 10 m
08 Example of Non-Document Portfolios 5 m

Course Completion

09 Assessment 2 m

Further Learning: Workflow Basics & Other Ways to Work With Related Items

10 Introduction to Workflow (Instructor-Led Course)
11 Workflow & OnBase Studio Introduction
12 WF Design, Monitoring, & Enhancement (Chapter 7 on Relationships)
13 A Non-Workflow Option To See Related Documents: Cross References
14 Combined Viewer
15 Folders & File Cabinets
16 Document Packaging

Many times in a business process there is a primary document or data item that drives the process forward; an application, a claim document of some kind, or some type of request for service, etc. As you send this primary item through Workflow, there are other documents that relate to it, that help drive decision-making and automation as part of the process. Yet, these related items don't always need to be in the Workflow process - they just need to be viewed or utilized at the right time, as the process occurs.

Portfolio Relations are simple searches or queries you configure to help you work with these related Documents, Forms, or WorkView Objects in OnBase, as your primary item travels through the Workflow Life Cycle. These Portfolio Relations allow you to quickly verify the existence of related items, view related items within the context of the Workflow process, and leverage their Keyword or Attribute data as necessary using Workflow Rules and Actions.

Portfolio Types are simple collections, or groupings of these Portfolio Relations. So rather than seeing a single related item, you can see any or all of the items that might relate to the primary item. This can enhance the user experience, and allow for more efficient configuration as a Workflow Designer or Administrator.

Work Folders allow for the configuration of related item views for documents with a slight difference in the user experience, and some unique limitations to be aware of.

This short course defines each of these easily configured items and provides useable examples. It clarifies the terminology surrounding them all, and offers important considerations, so that you can expedite the configuration of the best related item options.

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  • E2018
  • Intermediate
  • 49 mins
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Topics Covered
  • Portfolio Relation
  • Portfolio Type
  • Related Item
  • Related Item Exists
  • Primary Item
  • Current Item
  • Secondary Viewer
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