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Introduction to Installation

The Introduction to Installation course guides technical OnBase professionals through the installation process for an OnBase solution. The class focuses on pre-installation requirements and takes students through the OnBase configuration process. Installation procedures are discussed in-depth, with many opportunities for gaining hands-on experiences using sample business scenarios. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to install an OnBase system under the guidance of an OnBase Certified Installer.

  • OnBase
  • Instructor-led
  • I0098
  • Beginner
  • 5 days
  • $2,300.00 USD (Partner) - Rates outside the U.S. may vary

Topics Covered
  • Installer Certification Program
  • Pre-Installation Guidelines
  • Installation Guidelines
  • OnBase Resources
  • OnBase System Structure
  • OnBase database creation
  • Web and Application Servers
  • Disk Groups
  • Licensing
  • Security Models
  • OnBase Objects
  • Client Configuration
  • Automated Processing
  • Unity Client Features
  • OnBase Security
  • Introduction to Integration strategies
  • Introduction to Workflow and WorkView
  • Configuring the User Experience
  • Running OnBase as a Windows Service
  • Cross-Referencing
  • Custom Queries
  • AutoFill Keyword Sets
  • Client Administration
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