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Introduction to OnBase

SECTION 1: Course Instruction

01 Introduction 1 m
02 What is OnBase? 5 m
03 How to Access OnBase 3 m
04 OnBase Demo 9 m
05 Conclusion 1 m
06 Further Learning

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

07 Final Assessment

Explore the world of OnBase in this brief, non-technical overview of an OnBase solution and the end user experience. Learn how OnBase leverages the ability to capture, manage, access, integrate, measure, and store what's important to your organization, making you more agile, effective, and efficient.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P0525
  • Beginner
  • 19 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Understanding Important OnBase Terminology
  • Capturing Documents and Data
  • Managing Documents, Processes, and Data
  • Accessing Documents and Data
  • Integrating OnBase with Other Applications
  • Monitoring Process and Performance
  • Storing Content in OnBase
  • Exploring Other OnBase Learning Resources
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