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DIP: Troubleshooting

SECTION 1: Course Instruction

01 Introduction
02 What is DIP
03 Features of Note
04 INI Options
05 Self - Configured DIP
06 Advanced DIP
07 Troubleshooting Tips
08 New In DIP

SECTION 2: Assessment

09 Final Assessment

The Document Import Processor (DIP) is a fundamental piece of many OnBase solutions. Most organizations that own DIP use it to perform much of the heavy lifting required to bring documents and their associated Keyword Values into their OnBase solution; so when an issue arises with a DIP process, it can affect all of the business processes it touches.

Join Curtis Krol and Jonathan Finney as they discuss important steps for troubleshooting a DIP process in this Tech Support Training course, recorded live from a Hyland Software Tech Support Training Friday presentation.

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