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API: Upgrading Legacy API Solutions

SECTION 1: Course Instruction

01 Introduction
02 Why Migrate
03 Determining If Your Solution Is Affected
04 Next Steps
05 Unity API Licensing
06 Unity Programming Concepts
07 Connecting to OnBase
08 Archiving Documents
09 Retrieving Documents
10 Keyword Records
11 Modifying Keywords
12 Document Locking and Getting Page Data
13 Exporting Documents
14 Conclusion

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

15 Final Assessment

The DMCoreX and Web Services Toolkit APIs are set to be deprecated in 2015. Is your OnBase solution one of the many that use these APIs and will be affected when you upgrade to OnBase 15?

Join Hyland’s API experts, Justin Carlson & Nathan Kossover, as they explain what the deprecation of these APIs could mean to your solution, how to identify if you will be affected, and how to upgrade your solution to use the Unity API.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P0926
  • Intermediate
  • 1 hr 23 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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