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Diagnostics Console For OnBase 18 & Prior

The Basics

01 Introduction and Course Expectations 2 m
02 Installation and Overview 7 m
03 Using the Diagnostics Console 10 m
04 Optimizing the User Experience in Diagnostics Console 9 m

Additional Features

05 Creating Log Files with Diagnostics Console and Service 9 m
06 Switches and Optional Configuration Settings 8 m
07 Logging Information from the OnBase Client and Configuration 9 m
08 Application Server Session Monitoring 6 m

Final Assessment

09 Final Assessment 6 m

Further Learning

10 Troubleshooting: Techniques and Utilities
11 Diagnostics Console and Service for Foundation
12 Supporting OnBase Course

The Diagnostics Console and the Diagnostics Service allow you to log messages generated by OnBase applications. These messages can include errors, HTTP traffic, web service traffic, database calls, etc. The message types that are logged depend on the configuration of the Diagnostics Console or Service and the applications you are monitoring.

This course focuses on using the Diagnostics Console and Service in releases of OnBase 18 and prior. In Foundation releases of OnBase, the purpose of the Diagnostics Console and Service has not changed, but both have a slightly different architecture and a new user experience. Reviewing Foundation release documentation for the Diagnostics Console and Service will provide additional insight into the changes we've made and why they were made.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P1363
  • Intermediate
  • 66 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Installing Diagnostics Console and Diagnostics Service
  • Enabling Diagnostics Console
  • Using Diagnostics Console
  • Filtering Diagnostic Information
  • Remote and Local Listening Mode
  • Diagnostics Console Switches
  • Verbose in Diagnostics Console
  • Logging to a File
  • Managing User Sessions

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