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WorkView Mobile: Introduction

SECTION 1: Introduction

01 Overview 1 m

SECTION 2: Using a WorkView Mobile App

02 The User Experience - Basic Functionality 6 m
03 The User Experience - Navigating to Related and Child Data 3 m
04 The User Experience - Attaching Pictures and Images to Records 1 m

SECTION 3: Configuring a WorkView Mobile App

05 Configuration Overview 1 m
06 Beginning in the Mobile Designer 2 m
07 Configuration: A User Should Have Visibility Into Their Pending Requests 6 m
08 Activity: The Configuration Behind the "My Requests" Filter
09 Configuration: A User Should Be Able to Update a Request 3 m
10 Configuration: A User Should Be Able to Create a New Request 1 m
11 Configuration: Supervisors Should Be Able to Approve or Deny Requests 6 m
12 Activity: The Configuration Behind the Mobile App's WorkView Actions

SECTION 4: Getting a WorkView Mobile App to Your Users

13 Publishing a Mobile Applicaton 3 m
14 FYI: Identity Provider Service Course
15 Architecture 1 m
16 FYI: Reverse Proxy Configuration
17 Deployment 3 m

SECTION 5: Understanding Licensing and Limitations

18 Considerations and Conclusion 1 m

SECTION 6: Course Addendum

19 WorkView Mobile in OnBase 18 7 m

SECTION 7: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

20 Final Assessment

Mobile access for WorkView provides the ability to interact with WorkView data on a variety of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets). Whether employees are out in the field, or simply away from their desks, Mobile apps give users the power to view, update, create, and delete data, as well as execute actions and upload pictures in WorkView applications.

Join Bobby Thompson, R&D Senior Manager and long-time WorkView developer, as he not only walks you through the user mobile experience, but also shows you how to create a WorkView Mobile app from beginning to end within the new Mobile Designer. Learn how these small, specialized apps can make a huge difference in the way your organization works!

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P1400
  • Intermediate
  • 45 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Configuring a WorkView Mobile App
  • Options for Deployment
  • Embedding Photos into Objects
  • Using Design Best Practices
  • When to Use Tabs
  • Configuring Floating Action Buttons
  • Organizing OnBase Studio For Easier Design
  • How to use the Navigation Drawer
  • Creating Filter Pages
  • Working in the Mobile App Designer
  • How to Use a Mobile App

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