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Healthcare: Batch Scanning

SECTION 1: Batch Scanning

01 Overview 1 m
02 Project Checklist 4 m

SECTION 2: Operational

03 Preparing to Implement 16 m
04 Roles and Responsibilities 6 m
05 Setting Realistic Expectations 7 m
06 Best Practices 8 m

SECTION 3: Technical

07 Technical Discovery 1 m
08 Document Preparation 3 m
09 Batch Preparation 5 m
10 Scan Formats and Scanner Types 5 m
11 Barcode Overview 7 m
12 Key Components of Barcode Process Configuration 8 m
13 Scan Resolution and Sever vs. Client Recognition 5 m
14 Ideal Barcode Setup 6 m

SECTION 4: Implementation

15 Implementation Steps 5 m
16 Scenario 1: Document Type Barcodes Only 34 m
17 Scenario 2: Document Type and Visit Barcodes 11 m
18 Scenario 3: Document Type and Visit Barcodes Inconsistent 12 m
19 Scenario 4: Document Type and Visit Barcodes on Every Page 14 m

SECTION 5: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

20 Final Assessment

Batch scanning is used when large volumes of paper need to be converted into images that are stored and made available during patient care. Managing that volume of documents, as well as the rules and regulations concerning how patient information is handled, can be challenging. The OnBase batch scanning solution provides end users with tools to help streamline this otherwise daunting task.

Join Hyland’s Global Healthcare experts Amanda, Aaron, and Sarah as they walk through planning, implementation, configuration and best practices for batch scanning in a healthcare setting.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P1545
  • Intermediate
  • 2 hrs 38 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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Topics Covered
  • Configuring Barcode Processing
  • Assigning Process Options for a Scan Queue
  • Configuring Scan Format
  • Performing Document Separation
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures
  • Understanding Barcode Types and Considerations
  • Installing Bar Code Recognition
  • Creating Disk Groups
  • Volume Configuration for Disk Groups
  • Defining Barcode Fields
  • Creating a Scan Queue
  • Including a Placeholder Document Type
  • Copying Keyword Fields to Additional Document Types
  • Defaulting to Pre-Index Scan Mode
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