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Healthcare: Merging Healthcare Records

SECTION 1: Merge Scenarios and Components

01 Merge Overview 3 m
02 MPI/MRN Scenarios 2 m
03 Database Tables 5 m
04 Chart Data Fields 2 m
05 HL7 Configuration 5 m

SECTION 2: Merge Scenario Examples

06 1 MPI to 1 MRN - Merge Patient 2 m
07 1 MPI to Many MRN - Merge Two Individual MRN 2 m
08 1 MPI to Many MRN - Merge Two Patients 2 m
09 Scripted Merge Processor 4 m

SECTION 3: Recap

10 Review 2 m

SECTION 4: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

11 Final Assessment

Merging healthcare records ensures providers have the correct and full record for their patient. In this course, we will help you understand components of HL7 messages, database tables and chart data fields. Then, we will explain different merge scenarios and how to configure the OnBase components involved in merge operations. You will walk through configuration exercises for each merge scenario and review the expected results.

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  • 29 mins
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Topics Covered
  • Database Queries
  • Import Processes
  • Merge Message Template
  • Chart Field Override
  • Common Mistakes
  • Options for Merging MPI and All MRNs
  • Configuring VB Script
  • Configuring HL7 Process Settings