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Reporting Dashboards: Hands-On Lab

SECTION 1: Questions, Comments & Feedback

01 Getting Started

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

02 Final Assessment

Reporting Dashboards offer interactive, real-time reporting about data in an OnBase system. OnBase users who need detailed and current views of their business data can immediately view that information through an interactive, easy to use interface.

In this Hands-On course, you will have the opportunity to configure a Data Provider and create a new Dashboard. You will also get to view preconfigured Dashboards from an End-User perspective.

Important: For the best lab experience, please use Chrome, IE, or Edge to complete this course.

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  • 1 hr
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Topics Covered
  • How Reporting Dashboards Work
  • Benefits of Reporting Dashboards
  • Viewing and Accessing Dashboards
  • Adding Dashboards to Your Personal Page
  • Interactivity, Drilldown, and Filtering Options
  • Data Providers and Data Provider Types
  • The Dashboard Designer