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OnBase Integrations Overview

SECTION 1: Introduction

01 Introduction 3 m
02 Activity: What Do You Want To Accomplish?

SECTION 2: OnBase Native Integration Tools & Import Processes

03 External AutoFill Keysets & Datasets 1 m
04 Document Import Processor (DIP) 7 m
05 COLD 7 m
06 Import Processors 3 m
07 Pop Integrations 8 m

SECTION 3: Integration Points Built Into OnBase Products

08 External WorkView Classes 1 m
09 Workflow Rules & Actions 2 m

SECTION 4: Screen-Level Integration

10 Application Enabler 7 m
11 Application Enabler versus Pop Integrations 3 m

SECTION 5: Data-Level Integration

12 Web Services Publishing 8 m
13 Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) 9 m
14 Unity API 11 m
15 REST API 8 m

SECTION 6: Conclusion

16 Which Integrations Are Right For Me? 3 m

SECTION 7: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

17 Final Assessment

OnBase is not the only application you use. When you want to foster a connection between a 3rd party application and OnBase, you have a lot of options.

During this course, you will get an overview of available integration options and learn about how to decide which option works best for your particular situation and goals.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P1648
  • Beginner
  • 1 hr 21 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Integration Tools
  • Built-In Access to Externally-Stored Data
  • Document Import Processor (DIP)
  • DIP Index File and Documents
  • Configuring Ordered or Tagged Fields
  • Three Varieties of DIP: DIP, XML DIP, DrlP
  • COLD Configuration
  • Other Varieties of COLD
  • Functionalities of Import Processors
  • Various Pop Integrations
  • DocPop and DocPop Family
  • Application Enabler Details
  • Licensing Considerations
  • Deciding on Integrations
  • Unity API
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