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Integration for Microsoft Outlook: Hands-On Lab

SECTION 1: Questions, Comments & Feedback

01 Getting Started

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

02 Final Assessment

In this course you will learn about the benefits of Integration for Microsoft Outlook through hands-on experience.

This content is offered from the End-User perspective. Although some configuration topics are briefly discussed, this course focuses on the End-User experience in order to show you the power of this solution firsthand.

Important: For the best experience, please DO NOT use Firefox or Safari while completing labs.

  • OnBase
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  • P1713
  • Beginner
  • 1 hr
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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Deployment Options
  • Importing Documents
  • Retrieving Documents
  • Folder Rules
  • Separating a Multi-Page Document
  • Using a Custom Query
  • Workflow and Document Composition
  • Send a Document within OnBase from Outlook
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