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S3 Disk Groups

SECTION 1: Course Instruction

01 Configuring S3 Disk Groups 6 m

SECTION 2: Final Assessment (Earn 80% or higher to earn credit)

02 Final Assessment

Simple Storage Service (S3) has quickly become an industry standard for storing and retrieving data due to its scalability, security, and performance. You can use this http-based object storage protocol, which supports cloud-based or on-premise storage, as an alternative to UNC-based file storage for OnBase Disk Groups. This brief training will show you how set up this new type of storage in OnBase Configuration.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P1784
  • Beginner
  • 6 mins
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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • S3 Overview
  • S3 Provider Configuration
  • S3 Disk Group Configuration
  • Setting up an Upload Cache
  • Managing the Upload Cache in the Unity Scheduler