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Healthcare: NilRead Module 2 - Configuration

Course Instruction

01 Settings Overview 4 m
02 System 4 m
03 Shared Configuration 2 m
04 System Configuration 28 m
05 User Management 10 m
06 Devices 53 m

Course Completion

07 Did you complete this course? 1 m

This course is the second part of a four-part NilRead partner training series that addresses everything you need to know when installing the NilRead system. Click the following course link if you haven't yet completed Module 1, Healthcare: NilRead Module1 - Installation.

In this module, the videos walk you through the detailed steps of configuring the NilRead application.

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  • 1 hr 42 mins
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Topics Covered
  • GUI Based System Settings
  • Shared System Configurations
  • Adding a New Shared Configuration Parameter
  • Patient Search Settings
  • Third-Party Applications
  • User Profiles and Access
  • AE Device Settings