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Healthcare: Using Enterprise Imaging (NilRead, PACSgear, and Acuo VNA)


01 NilRead Viewer - General Overview of the Image Viewing Area 38 m
02 Patient Study Directory, Folders, Worklist, and MDT Workflow 27 m


03 Preview of the New PACSgear Enterprise 46 m
04 ModLink and ModLink Web Forms 39 m

Acuo VNA

05 Configuring Destinations 45 m
06 Moving and Routing Studies 47 m
07 Patient Management and Batch Store Move Managers 1 hr 39 m

Course Completion Acknowledgement

08 Did you complete this course? 1 m

In this course, we explore three of Hyland's Healthcare Solutions.

We begin the excursion by learning about NilRead (our enterprise medical image viewer), its configurations, and end user experience.

Moving forward we focus on PACSgear, showing how to get the most out of an enterprise suite through configuration, web forms, and dictation systems.

Lastly, we focus on Acuo VNA in which we explore moving batches, the AcuoStore application, DICOM destinations, routes, move route maps, and configuring a DICOM Application Entity (AE) in Acuo VNA.

This course is designed for healthcare administrators who are looking for introductory knowledge of Hyland's healthcare based enterprise imaging solutions.

  • NilRead
  • eLearning
  • P2034
  • Beginner
  • 5 hrs 42 mins
  • Available with Premium Subscription

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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Using the NilRead Demographic Bar, Tool Bar, Timeline, Side Panel, Image Viewing Area, and the NIlRead Work Items such as Worklists, Folders, and Multiple Disciplinary Team (MDT) Workflows
  • Overview of PACSgear Enterprise Image Capture and the New PACSgear Features
  • Using PACSGear ModLink and ModLink Web Forms
  • Configuring Acuo VNA AE Routes and Destinations
  • General Use of AcuoStore by Updating Patient Information and Routing Studies