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Accounts Payable (AP): Invoice Approval App for OnBase

The Basics

01 Introduction & Course Expectations 5 m
02 Seeing the App as a User 7 m

Installation & Architecture

03 Pre-Requisites: Understanding What is Needed 6 m
04 Hyland IDP Server Overview 3 m
05 Operational Database Overview 1 m
06 Hyland API Server Overview 2 m
07 Putting it All Together 2 m

General Configuration

08 General OnBase Configuration & Choosing your Mode 5 m
09 Configure the Application for Deployment 7 m
10 Configure the Application Runtime 20 m

WorkView Mode OnBase Configuration

11 Using WorkView Mode 2 m
12 Document Types & Keywords with WorkView Mode 1 m
13 Workflow with WorkView Mode 9 m
14 Custom Queries with WorkView Mode 2 m
15 The Invoice WorkView Class 4 m
16 The GL Line WorkView Class 4 m
17 The Action History WorkView Class 3 m
18 User Group Permissions with WorkView Mode 3 m

OBDocOnly Mode OnBase Configuration

19 Using OBDocOnly Mode 7 m
20 OBDocOnly Mode Configuration 5 m

Final Assessment

21 Final Assessment 5 m

Further Learning

22 IAM Services: IdP & API Server Installation for OnBase: Hands-On Lab
23 Workflow Approval Management
24 WorkView: Building Your First Solution
25 Examples of AP Invoice Processing
26 Brainware for Invoices: Installation & Configuration
27 Intelligent Capture for AP Solutions

This Invoice Approval App for OnBase solutions simplifies invoice processing by allowing AP personnel to approve, reject, comment, or review the comment history for invoices - all from a laptop, tablet or mobile device. No longer will approving managers need to use a full OnBase Client to review and approve invoices, instead they will experience an app that is responsive and focused on the job at hand. Many customers already have well defined Accounts Payable solutions configured in OnBase, and the time and resources spent developing them can and should be leveraged as the framework for this app.

This course walks through this app from beginning to end, starting with seeing the app in action. Next, we review necessary OnBase components and installation considerations. Then we finish up with detailed configuration of the app.

  • OnBase
  • eLearning
  • P2057
  • Intermediate
  • 1 hr 43 mins
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There are no prerequisites for this course.
Topics Covered
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
  • Invoice Approval
  • Workflow Approval Management
  • Workflow for AP solutions
  • WorkView for AP solutions
  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • IDP Server
  • API Server