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Hyland RPA: Info Values & Custom Dictionaries

Course Instruction

01 Introduction 2 m
02 Info Value 4 m
03 Creating Custom Dictionary Contexts & Key-Value Pairs 2 m
04 Using Custom Dictionaries with a Single Value per Key 5 m
05 Using Custom Dictionaries with Multiple Values per Key 12 m
06 Dictionary Activities 6 m

4 Question Assessment (Earn 75% or higher to earn credit)

07 Assessment 4 m

Downloadable Resource

08 Course Resources (PDF)
09 Course Resources (.docx)

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10 If you haven't yet, take Hyland RPA: Making Your Solution Scalable

As you design Hyland RPA processes, build in flexibility with Info Values and Custom Dictionaries.

Eliminate the need to change .ampro files in Designer by defining values that can be changed at run time, in Manager. This allows business-process end users to maintain their own values!

  • Hyland RPA
  • eLearning
  • P2065
  • Intermediate
  • 35 mins
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Topics Covered
  • Info Values vs. Custom Dictionaries
  • Creating Info Values
  • Creating Custom Dictionary Contexts
  • Creating Custom Dictionary Keys & Values
  • Get Info Value Activity
  • Get Custom Dictionary Activity
  • Contains Key Activity
  • Get Custom Dictionary Value Activity
  • For Each Loop
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