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Perceptive: Workflow for Administrators

The Perceptive Content: Workflow for Administrators class explores the design, creation, and management of Perceptive Workflow. The course includes many hands-on labs to focus on key concepts and best practices demonstrated throughout the course.

  • Self-Paced
  • S1467
  • Intermediate
  • 31 days
  • $1,200 USD (Customer) - Rates outside the U.S. may vary

Topics Covered
  • Create Workspaces, Queues, and Routes
  • Manage the Vendor Documents Process
  • Process Vendor Documents
  • Create a PO Invoice Process
  • Combine Two Processes
  • Process PO Invoices
  • Copying Queues
  • Creating a Super Queue
  • Process Non-PO Invoices
  • Rules and Alarms
  • Load Balance Routing
  • Routing Rules
  • Transfer Older Invoices to Storage
  • Migration of A Workflow Process
  • Create a Parallel Route
  • Route Recall Test