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Give your end users the knowledge and confidence they need to complete their tasks quickly and easily, with end user training you can stream, download, and customize.

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Downloadable End User Training

Host End User Training on your own internal network or LMS

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OnBase Courses

OnBase Foundation

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OnBase 18

Available with Premium

OnBase 17

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OnBase 16

NilRead Courses

NilRead 4.3

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  • Healthcare: NilRead Administration download
  • Healthcare: NilRead Referential Viewer download

How To Use These Files


Choose the course you want and click the Download button.


From ShareBase, download the files you want.


Host and share the files with your end users.

What’s Included With Downloadable Courses

  • Intranet Files

    These pre-formatted files are ready to be uploaded and hosted via your organization’s internal network. Please note these files are not SCORM compliant.

  • MP4 Videos

    You can use the video files to create your own learning experience, by hosting the content in a network folder, on a website, through an LMS, or by constructing your own experience from the ground up. MP4 files offer your organization flexibility for your end user training.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    You can download, edit, and distribute this valuable job aid to your end users.

Did you know you can stream, download, or customize your End User Training?

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