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Brandon Holmes

eLearning Specialist 1

Before graduating from Kent State in 16, I was a support specialist at Blackboard for 2 years. Along with troubleshooting, I facilitated classes for professors, faculty, and students to teach them about new feature and common issues in the software. I got an internship here at Hyland during the summer before my senior year and it was eye opening to say the least. I had no idea who or what Hyland was. Not only was it surreal to work at a corporate company that had that ‘Google-feeling’ everyone dreams of, but it was in Ohio right in my backyard!? Almost too good to be true. Anyways…. After my internship I went back to Kent to finish my last year and graduate with a degree in Computer Animation. Right after graduation I started my Hyland career as an E-learning specialist and haven’t looked back.

I was actually born in Kentucky but raised in Ohio. I’ve moved all around. From Lorain-Amherst, to Elyria, to Avon, and now Westlake. I have 3 younger brothers (although they are all ridiculously taller than me). I have a German Shepherd/Border Collie named Hoops who’s secretly a human reincarnated…or at least he thinks he’s human. Attempting to self-teach myself music theory while establishing myself as a freelance videographer.


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