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"Welcome to the best company you’ve ever worked for! Things tend to move quickly around here, which can be overwhelming at first. I’ve found the best thing to do is keep an open mind, ask questions and speak up. You were chosen to be our newest team member for your passion and expertise, we want to hear your thoughts. One of our core competencies is to be flexible and adaptive so everyone at Hyland is always open to new perspectives."

Brendan Boettler

Video Production Specialist

While I’m a Clevelander born and raised recently I’ve been re-acclimating to northeast Ohio life after a brief jaunt away. I went to school for film (I’m told I’m a bit of a film nerd) and moved to New York after graduating. While there, I worked on everything from indie features to music videos to marketing promos. Now I’m bringing those experiences to my work at Hyland.

During my time working in video I’ve had a chance to work in every department. From shooting to gaffing to costumes and props I’ve developed an appreciation for how they all contribute to telling a story. The role I enjoy working in the most would be as a visual fx editor. Having the chance to create visuals no one has seen before is inspiring and very rewarding.

Some of my favorite adventures outside of video include teaching myself piano, attempting home improvement projects and doing just about anything outside.


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