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"Failing is one of life's greatest teaching tools. Use your failures here to learn and grow from them. There are no stupid questions, so don't be afraid to ask them.”

Brian LaPorte

Technical Trainer 1

I was born in Cleveland and grew up in Westlake just a few miles from Hyland. I am very laid back and easy going. When I'm not working I'm usually carting my kids around, coaching one of their seasonal sports, walking our dog, enjoying time with my family, or helping my wife make salsa. (She has her own salsa company that sells in a couple local stores!) My Hyland "fun fact" has turned into more of a riddle that I've shared with others around the company and now I'm sharing with you:

I have an 11-year old son who is a fraternal twin. My oldest son is 9 months older than him. My only daughter is a fraternal twin to identical twin boys. She is 9 months younger than my oldest son.

Prior to Hyland I spent 16+ years as a Corporate Investigator for a local private investigating company. I ended up revamping my career and was hired by Hyland in January 2015. I spent 2.5 years in Quality Assurance on the Thick Client team with a focus on the Directory Import Processor and PDF Input Filter modules. The majority of the past year I was the lead tester and module expert for one of our newer modules, Document Packets.


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