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"Focus on your learning as much as possible. The more you know about Hyland and OnBase, the better you will be for those you serve!ā€

Julie Mallory

Project Manager 2

Iā€™m originally from Rochester, New York, but grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I attended Kent State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. I was a trainer on embroidery software for my previous company. When I joined the Internal Training team in early 2011 we were a part of HR; joining Education Services in July 2011 made us a part of a larger group with more resources that made our training even more amazing!

I moved to the Project Management position early 2017 and focus on projects for Education Services that help many departments, employees, Partners and Customers.

I am not shy and I REALLY enjoy dancing! I am competitive, but I like team activities. I love to read, sew, play violin, garden in the summer and visit my extended family often. I live in Olmsted Township with my husband Bill; our kids, Kyle, Claire and Luke; and our rescued Cocker Spaniel, Jack.


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