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"My advice is to ask questions, lots of questions, and don’t be hesitant to do so. This is the most genuinely gracious and supportive team on the planet! I’ll relay some excellent advice I received, which is to adhere to the “4 I’s”: Interact, Inquire, Investigate, and Indulge in knowledge.”

Shawn Cardinal

Team Lead, External Training

I’m a remote employee and I work out of my home office in Lafayette, Colorado (OK, let’s just say Boulder). I’m a native New Englander but I love the Colorado life. I moved here in 1994 after twenty-something years in Massachusetts primarily for the skiing and yes, I say “wicked awesome”. In the early days, I played various roles in several startups in Boulder. I had fun, worked hard and learned a ton, but in the end, the lack of stability and sometimes a paycheck was unnerving. That said, I loved to ski…and couldn’t afford it…but could teach it (ah-HAH!) I was a ski instructor on the weekends to earn extra money and found my calling.

What’s that saying? Do what you love? Love what you do? Well, I love training, teaching and presenting. It completely energizes me and I thoroughly enjoy trying to provide the most engaging, relevant, and dare I say fun class experience anyone has ever had.

As a remote employee, feel free to drop an email or instant message anytime. I really enjoy conversations about classroom dynamics whether it is an in person or online class or even if you just want to say, “Hello”.


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