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What’s New on Your My Training Transcript

Does your training data look different? We are making updates to your training data to better serve you.

Update #1: Consolidation of Quick Look Courses

Each Quick Look series is comprised of several 5-7 minute episodes (videos). In prior versions of watching each video earned one training record. Since each Quick Look series consists of 10-20 episodes, users were finding 10-20 training records on their My Training Transcript. Multiply this by our 25+ Quick Look courses and we understand why users have been asking us to “clean up my transcript.”

We took the time to combine all Quick Look episodes into ONE course record. This not only cut down on the number of training records displayed, but it also helps align Quick Look courses with our other Premium Subscription and eLearning courses. Day forward, you will earn a training record for a Quick Look course by successfully completing the final assessment, just like all Premium and eLearning courses on

Note: Any user who had previously earned at least one training record for a Quick Look series was granted a full completion to that course training record.

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Update #2: Certification Download

Now, once you earn your certification, you will have a button “DOWNLOAD” that will enable you to download a PDF of your certificate. This PDF was originally provided to you in an email once your certification became active, but now you have access to download the certificate anytime you need…or anytime you redecorate your office.

Update #3: Retired Courses Panel

As we continue to enhance our training offerings, we retire courses which have become outdated or are no longer relevant. These retired courses will no longer appear in your "Training Courses" panel. Instead they will appear in their own separate panel, located at the bottom of your training transcript.

Update Number 3

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