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Network Administrator

4 Courses | 9 hours, 36 minutes

While the OnBase solution is designed to adapt to an organization’s unique infrastructure, understanding how OnBase functions in a connected environment is an important concept in maintaining optimal system performance. The network administrator path will introduce you to the essentials of OnBase and, when paired with your understanding of your organization’s infrastructure, help you understand how to best configure, troubleshoot, and evolve your solution to meet the needs of the increasing number of items and users.

Courses in this Path


Intermediate | 2 hours 36 minutes | Premium

This class is designed to give the attendees a better understanding of the network security aspects of OnBase. A presentation and lab will provide an end to end walk through on how Windows NT and LDAP authentication work with the OnBase Client, Web Client and Application Server will be discussed. The class will also explore common troubleshooting utilities as well.

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Intermediate | 3 hours | Premium

A key component of a successful OnBase System is a well-designed storage solution. Storage is a blanket word for the world of Hard Drives, RAID, SANS, DAS, and NAS. This technology has grown dramatically over the last decade. As an OnBase installer or administrator, you will come into direct contact with these various systems.

This session is designed as an introduction to some of the key components and terminology of storage technology. Starting with the basic components, you will be guided through how a storage system is built and how it affects the OnBase Disk Groups and the OnBase Database.

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Expert | 2 hours 40 minutes | Premium

DDS, platter management and encrypted disk groups are all important components of a secure and well managed OnBase storage solution. This comprehensive course explores each of these areas of secure data management in both large and small scale applications on the front end, as well as ongoing during the course of an installation.

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Expert | 1 hours 20 minutes | Premium

Planning the appropriate hardware solution for both the initial roll out of your OnBase solution, as well as an ongoing scaling solution, is critical to the success of any implementation. This course explores requirements for roll-out and scalability of disk storage and database requirements.

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