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Forms Developer (OnBase)

3 Courses

One of the most powerful aspects of OnBase is the ability to craft custom forms. These forms move beyond simply containing data, but can grow to be considered mini-applications that support your business process, user needs, and process decisions. Through this learning path, you’ll learn the breadth of the OnBase forms capabilities, understand the inherit security available, and expand your forms development knowledge to create sophisticated forms without a single line of code.

Courses in this Path


eLearning Course

Unity Forms: Introduction

Every company has forms for their many business processes. Unity Forms are easy to design, create, and manage, improving business processes throughout an organization. Join technical trainer Sara Lemp as she explains how to create, edit, test, and publish Unity Forms.
42 minutes Beginner Premium


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eLearning Course

Unity Forms: Advanced Features

Have you mastered the basics of Unity Forms? Ready to take your form designing skills to the next level?

Join Sara Lemp as she explores the more advanced features of Unity Forms. Learn calculations, custom actions, and sharing the form on an external website in this course.

37 minutes Intermediate Premium


OnBase Forms
Instructor-led Course

OnBase Forms

The OnBase Forms Course introduces OnBase professionals to the various types of forms that can be utilized and created within an OnBase solution. We will look at how to use and configure E-Forms, User Forms, Unity Forms and Image Forms. The course introduces students to advanced topics such as using document properties, system properties, and custom actions to build powerful business forms that are rapidly deployable internally or externally.
2 days Beginner