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Capture Professional

6 Courses | 67 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes

One of the most powerful aspects of OnBase is the ability to craft custom capture solutions based on an organization’s unique business process. The capture professional will both maintain the organization’s existing capture solutions and continually refine the ability to recognize when and how an organization’s solutions should evolve to meet the needs of the growing or changing business. Through this learning path, you’ll learn the breadth of the OnBase capture modules, understand how these modules work together, and expand your knowledge to craft sophisticated solutions.

Courses in this Path


Beginner | 1 hours | eLearning

The Pre-Installation course will introduce you to the basics of ECM in general and OnBase in particular. It will demonstrate an essential process in an organization and how that process can be mapped to an OnBase solution. You'll also learn the fundamental OnBase concepts and how they are used to create a solution. This course is a prerequisite for our OnBase classroom courses such as Introduction to Installation and System Administration.

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Beginner | 5 days | Instructor-led

The Introduction to Installation course guides technical OnBase professionals through the installation process for an OnBase solution. The class focuses on pre-installation requirements and takes students through the OnBase configuration process. Installation procedures are discussed in-depth, with many opportunities for gaining hands-on experiences using sample business scenarios. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to install an OnBase system under the guidance of an OnBase Certified Installer.

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Beginner | 1 hours | eLearning

The Pre-Installation: OnBase for AnyDoc course will provide an overview of all of the AnyDoc products and you will observe two demonstrations explaining how the products work together in an AnyDoc solution. Each demonstration will illustrate solving common pain points with the AnyDoc product suite and walk through solutions using CAPTUREit, INFINIWORX, OCR for AnyDoc, VERIFYit, EXCHANGEit, DEPOSit, and MANAGEit. You will be introduced to solutions that vary in complexity to perform an organization’s capture and extraction needs. This information will set the foundation for the OCR for AnyDoc Administration course.

This course is a prerequisite for the OCR for AnyDoc Administration Course

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Beginner | 31 days | Self-Paced

This self-paced course is targeted towards OCR for AnyDoc System Administrators and Solution Designers who are responsible for installation and configuration. The course provides video demonstration and step-by-step instruction, along with hands-on practice in a dedicated virtual environment, in order for you to become proficient in the template design process. You will spend the majority of your time in this course working with the various configuration tools. Finally, you must complete a multiple choice exam in order to earn credit for completing this course.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 3 minutes | eLearning

The AnyDoc Administrative Task Card series includes 18 videos covering common tasks an administrator of an AnyDoc solution performs to maintain an optimal and efficient processing state. The series includes topics such as upgrades, security, running AnyDoc as a service, and troubleshooting, etc. Each video will be approximately 5 minutes long and accompanied by an electronic job aid. Click on each of the videos (5-7 minutes) to discover what every AnyDoc System Administrator should know in support of their AnyDoc Solution.

The AnyDoc Administrative Task Cards correspond with the video topics below. Each card provides either step-by-step instructions, additional resources, answers to common questions, and/or additional information about the topic. The cards will be a valuable asset as you continue your AnyDoc career.

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Intermediate | 31 days | Self-Paced

This self-paced course details how to create, debug, and test an AnyDoc AnyApp solution. It uses OCR for AnyDoc, and emphasizes setting up templates for unstructured forms processing specific to invoices. It is designed to teach various problem-solving approaches to acquiring data from unstructured forms.

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