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Workflow Administrator

15 Courses | 16 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes

The Workflow Administrator is vital to crafting Workflow solutions that extend to line of business applications. They are responsible for providing business analysis consulting with the overall objective of implementing business application solutions using OnBase software and associated modules.

New to OnBase? Consider taking an End User Training course specific to your solution before starting this path.

  • Responsibilities of a Workflow Administrator:
    • Perform business analysis in which information about business process and concerns are gathered from key client stakeholders
    • Design business applications in which basic best practice knowledge is applied
    • Compose documentation outlining requirements for building the business application
    • Present documentation on business analysis and solution requirements to key customer stakeholders for validation and approval
    • Build solutions, including configuring Hyland's application development tools and using HTML and JavaScript
    • Test business applications and ensure performance is as designed; resolve any issues
    • Compose training materials and conduct training sessions for customers; also train customer administrator to be able to administer and troubleshoot
    • Develop plan for migration; migrate business applications into production environments and support customers throughout migration process
    • Transition key information to support team to ensure continued successful support of customer

Courses in this Path


Beginner | 1 hours | eLearning

The Pre-Installation course will introduce you to the basics of ECM in general and OnBase in particular. It will demonstrate an essential process in an organization and how that process can be mapped to an OnBase solution. You'll also learn the fundamental OnBase concepts and how they are used to create a solution. This course is a prerequisite for our OnBase classroom courses such as Introduction to Installation and System Administration.

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Beginner | 5 days | Instructor-led

The System Administration course is designed to introduce new and existing OnBase System Administrators to the use, maintenance and administration of OnBase. The class provides in-depth, hands-on experience that directly maps to the day-to-day activities of an OnBase System Administrator. The class also investigates effective maintenance strategies and resources available to OnBase System Administrators.

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Beginner | 1 hours 25 minutes | Premium

Workflow and OnBase Studio: Introduction, is a course which will walk you step by step, through the process of building your first Workflow life cycle using OnBase Studio. By the end of this course, not only will you be comfortable using terms like queue, life cycle, notification, rule, and action, you’ll also be able to create those items while navigating through OnBase Studio with ease.

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Intermediate | 5 days | Instructor-led

This level one course introduces OnBase End Users and Partners to the processes and tools associated with designing, implementing, modifying and testing OnBase Workflow implementations. Training scenarios require students to employ multiple functions within their Workflow design. The course presents a hands-on approach to understanding the Workflow interface, interactions and possibilities.

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Beginner | 42 minutes | Premium

Every company has forms for their many business processes. Unity Forms are easy to design, create, and manage, improving business processes throughout an organization. Join technical trainer Sara Lemp as she explains how to create, edit, test, and publish Unity Forms.

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Intermediate | 37 minutes | Premium

Have you mastered the basics of Unity Forms? Ready to take your form designing skills to the next level?

Join Sara Lemp as she explores the more advanced features of Unity Forms. Learn calculations, custom actions, and sharing the form on an external website in this course.

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Beginner | 1 day | Instructor-led

The OnBase Forms Course introduces OnBase professionals to the various types of forms that can be utilized and created within an OnBase solution. We will look at how to use and configure E-Forms and User Forms, as well as how to create and implement Unity Forms. The course introduces the students to advanced topics such as using document properties, system properties, and custom actions to build powerful business forms that are rapidly deployable internally or externally.

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Intermediate | 54 minutes | Premium

This course identifies specific techniques to ensure that the discovery for a business process accurately represents the desired process. We will examine the discovery process from the initial information gathering point to building an accurate test plan base that verifies the specific business requirements. Special attention will be given to standard pitfalls that face each workflow discovery team.

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Expert | 2 hours 10 minutes | Premium

Best Practices for Workflow Implementation investigates the Hyland Software Professional Services Group methodology specific to the project discovery and implementation of substantial line of business Workflow solutions. The course will take a look at each phase of the implementation process and identify the steps that should be carried out to realize success at the end of a project.

This class is for OnBase Professionals responsible for implementing or supporting an OnBase Workflow solution. Attendees should have some experience with OnBase Workflow administration and/or implementation.

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Expert | 5 days | Instructor-led

This second-level course will develop a student’s ability to craft a multi-departmental business solution. Attendees will create a solution that interacts with other OnBase modules, integrates with line-of-business applications, and accommodates both internal and external users. The course will also take students through the workflow design methodology which includes the assessing of an existing system as well as discovering, planning, and implementing a new solution. It is recommended to have a minimum of 3 – 6 months of workflow experience prior to attending.

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Beginner | 59 minutes | Premium

Reporting Dashboards is a powerful business analytics tool that displays information stored in OnBase in a visual, interactive way. The user interface is highly customizable and intuitive, providing convenient views into your organization’s data through features such as full screen support, customizable themes, dashboard actions, and drilldown support.

Through Reporting Dashboards, highly complex dashboards can easily be created using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Quickly view and interpret relevant data and make proactive business decisions with Reporting Dashboards.

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Intermediate | 48 minutes | Premium

Look inside an OnBase Workflow Developer's toolbox and see what tips and tricks you can add to yours. This course discusses workflow import/export from the point of view of a software developer who is immersed in the Workflow solution. This course is a must for any Workflow Engineer, Designer or new Workflow Administrator.

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Intermediate | 54 minutes | Premium

Workflow Approval Management transfers a portion of the control from the Workflow Administrator to the business experts. Business experts can build and administer approvals for common business processes such as Accounts Payable.

Join our Workflow expert, Justin, as he discusses the benefits of Workflow Approval Management and demonstrates the configuration in both OnBase Studio and the Unity Client.

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Expert | 3 hours 20 minutes | Premium

This course provides an in-depth look at the factors that impact the overall performance of a Workflow application, including inefficiencies on the server and end-user interactions. The course also details methods to use to determine areas of concern, as well as the appropriate remedy for those areas.

This class is for OnBase Professionals responsible for implementing or supporting an OnBase Workflow solution. Attendees should have some experience with OnBase Workflow administration and/or implementation.

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Expert | 2 hours | Premium

You no longer have to write code to do math in your Workflow processes. Using Workflow Expressions and native Rules / Actions, you can not only do math, but so much more, without scripting.

Learn how to extend the capabilities of your OnBase system by using built in expression functionalities and regular expressions in your OnBase solution.

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