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WorkView | Case Manager Professional

15 Courses | 15 days, 17 hours, 23 minutes

The WorkView | Case Manager Professional has a good understanding of an organization’s information-centric business processes and the data elements needed for the decision making that drives these processes. Using the data elements identified and by working closely with the business units, the professional should be able to design and implement an entity relationship diagram, showing relationships between categories of data and supporting content that would be tracked within WorkView.

New to OnBase? Consider taking an End User Training course specific to your solution before starting this path.

  • Certifications for a WorkView | Case Manager Professional:
  • Responsibilities of a WorkView | Case Manager Professional:
    • Basic understanding of database design concepts and data modelling design patterns
    • Understanding of the business units’ needs and ability to work with business users to define requirements and design the solution
    • Design and implement Workflow and WorkView applications that are user friendly and easy to support while meeting business requirements to the highest standard and long-term sustainability

Courses in this Path


Beginner | 1 hours | eLearning

The Pre-Installation course will introduce you to the basics of ECM in general and OnBase in particular. It will demonstrate an essential process in an organization and how that process can be mapped to an OnBase solution. You'll also learn the fundamental OnBase concepts and how they are used to create a solution. This course is a prerequisite for our OnBase classroom courses such as Introduction to Installation and System Administration.

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Beginner | 5 days | Instructor-led

The System Administration course is designed to introduce new and existing OnBase System Administrators to the use, maintenance and administration of OnBase. The class provides in-depth, hands-on experience that directly maps to the day-to-day activities of an OnBase System Administrator. The class also investigates effective maintenance strategies and resources available to OnBase System Administrators.

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Beginner | 1 hours 25 minutes | Premium

Workflow and OnBase Studio: Introduction, is a course which will walk you step by step, through the process of building your first Workflow life cycle using OnBase Studio. By the end of this course, not only will you be comfortable using terms like queue, life cycle, notification, rule, and action, you’ll also be able to create those items while navigating through OnBase Studio with ease.

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Intermediate | 5 days | Instructor-led

This level one course introduces OnBase End Users and Partners to the processes and tools associated with designing, implementing, modifying and testing OnBase Workflow implementations. Training scenarios require students to employ multiple functions within their Workflow design. The course presents a hands-on approach to understanding the Workflow interface, interactions and possibilities.

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Intermediate | 54 minutes | Premium

This course identifies specific techniques to ensure that the discovery for a business process accurately represents the desired process. We will examine the discovery process from the initial information gathering point to building an accurate test plan base that verifies the specific business requirements. Special attention will be given to standard pitfalls that face each workflow discovery team.

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Expert | 2 hours 10 minutes | Premium

Best Practices for Workflow Implementation investigates the Hyland Software Professional Services Group methodology specific to the project discovery and implementation of substantial line of business Workflow solutions. The course will take a look at each phase of the implementation process and identify the steps that should be carried out to realize success at the end of a project.

This class is for OnBase Professionals responsible for implementing or supporting an OnBase Workflow solution. Attendees should have some experience with OnBase Workflow administration and/or implementation.

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Beginner | 1 hours 16 minutes | Premium

Application Enabler provides organizations the ability to integrate OnBase and virtually any Line of Business (LOB) Application. Increase productivity, reduce training time, and expedite decision making by accessing OnBase content directly from a LOB application. Improve data accuracy by pulling data directly from the LOB into OnBase. Configure all this without custom programming, scripting, or modifications.

In this course, learn what you need to begin leveraging this powerful integration tool.

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Beginner | 1 hours 13 minutes | eLearning

WorkView | Case Manager is a powerful tool that can help you bridge knowledge gaps within your organization. Using point-and-click configuration, you can create a variety of solutions quickly, and rapidly deploy them to your end users. This course provides an overview of WorkView | Case Manager, its functionality and versatility, and explains key terminology.

Join Education Services' Eric Beavers as he describes the principles of WorkView | Case Manager solution design. In this course, you'll see how to build a basic WorkView | Case Manager solution that includes applications, classes, filters, and screens. You'll also learn how to enable users to access your WorkView | Case Manager solution, and finally, how to create and share user-defined filters. This course is created using OnBase 17.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 20 minutes | Premium

This course demonstrates the use of intermediate-level tools and components for the development of WorkView | Case Manager Solutions. First, we focus on dealing with more complex relationships and how they can be supported by specific Class types. Then, we explore the tools available to begin integrating WorkView | Case Manger applications more closely with an existing OnBase solution. Lastly, we look at the various options available for notifications and how these notifications can be triggered to support the Applications.

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Expert | 1 hours 12 minutes | Premium

This advanced level course demonstrates how to pair WorkView and Workflow to build a more powerful Case Manager Solution. First, we explore some of the ways in which Workflow can complement a WorkView | Case Manager solution. Then, we identify three specific ways Workflow logic can be built into a WorkView application: WorkView actions powered by Workflow System Tasks, Workflow Ad-Hoc Tasks, and WorkView Class Events. Finally, you’ll learn how to incorporate Workflow logic that already exists into a WorkView application.

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Intermediate | 5 days | Instructor-led

The WorkView Implementation course is designed to teach students the architecture and configuration techniques for OnBase WorkView| Case Manager Solutions. A critical component of the course is hands-on configuration using OnBase Studio. Students build and are given multiple examples of OnBase WorkView | Case Manager applications to export and take back to the office as references for use in future design and development projects.

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Intermediate | 52 minutes | Premium

Case Management continues to be the hottest trend in ECM software.

In this course, we'll demonstrate how the enhancements to WorkView | Case Manager in OnBase 14 make creating and maintaining your Case Management solutions easier and more intuitive.

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Intermediate | 33 minutes | Premium

Whether managing service requests, resolving issues or qualifying opportunities, control all aspects of the case including tasks, documents, forms, and events using WorkView | Case Manager. Make better business decisions and maximize productivity by connecting the right people with the right information at the right time.

Join Tech Support’s Mike Walkuski and Michael Hornsby in this Tech Support Training presentation that discusses Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks, Database Information and specific features in WorkView | Case Manager. Take the assessment to get credit on your Training Transcript for participating in this course.

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Expert | 1 hours 50 minutes | Premium

With OnBase 13, Workflow functionality has been expanded to include WorkView objects. This greatly increases the capabilities of business process solutions. Learn how WorkView and Workflow combine to create a comprehensive, no-code application that organizations can use to solve many of their existing challenges. Experience nearly 15 new rules and actions that can be leveraged with the new Unity Life Cycle technology.

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Beginner | 3 hours 38 minutes | eLearning

This course will help your organization start monitoring and improving important processes as rapidly and self-sufficiently as possible with Checklists for Process Control in OnBase 14-16. Important topics for each different role involved in the process are covered so that templates can be built, checklists can be generated and completed, and the review process can take place. View the section(s) of the course that apply to you, then successfully complete the assessment at the end to gain credit for this course.

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