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OnBase Basics

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We get it. Starting to learn something new can feel intimidating. Ease yourself into the world of OnBase with this learning path – curated specifically for beginners like you. After gaining confidence with a firm foundation of knowledge here, you’ll be prepared to learn to learn to configure amazing things with Hyland Solutions.

If you’re an end user – someone who just needs to know how to use OnBase in their daily work – we have courses made just for you! Check out End User Training.

Courses in this Path


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eLearning Course

Welcome to Training.Hyland.com

New to Training.Hyland.com? Not sure where to start? Look no further than this introductory course. This brief overview will walk you through the most used tools on our site so you can begin taking advantage of them all.
20 minutes Beginner


eLearning Course

Introduction to OnBase

Explore the world of OnBase in this brief, non-technical overview of an OnBase solution and the end user experience. Learn how OnBase leverages the ability to capture, manage, access, integrate, measure, and store what's important to your organization, making you more agile, effective, and efficient.
19 minutes Beginner Premium


Complete one of the following:

eLearning Course

Pre-Installation: Welcome to OnBase

The Pre-Installation course will introduce you to the basics of ECM in general and OnBase in particular. It will demonstrate an essential process in an organization and how that process can be mapped to an OnBase solution. You'll also learn the fundamental OnBase concepts and how they are used to create a solution. This course is a prerequisite for our OnBase classroom courses such as Introduction to Installation and System Administration.
1 hours Beginner
End User: Cliente Unity v13
eLearning Course

Pre-Instalación: Bienvenido a OnBase

El curso de Pre-Instalación le brindará una formación general sobre la Gestión de Contenido Empresarial (ECM) y las soluciones de OnBase. Presentaremos un proceso administrativo en una organización y cómo este proceso puede ser mapeado en una solución OnBase. Así mismo, usted podrá aprender los conceptos básicos de OnBase y cómo se utilizan en el diseño de una solución. Este curso es un pre-requisito para las clases de OnBase presenciales como Introducción a Instalación y Administración de Sistemas.

1 hours 13 minutes Beginner

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