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Brainware with Perceptive

4 Courses

This path will take you on a journey from the installation of the Brainware Intelligent Capture platform to implementing a solution into a customer’s environment. Additionally you will receive an overview of core Perceptive Content functionality with a focus on process design and implementation. This course is ideal for individuals who are instrumental in developing and administering their Perceptive Content environment and also utilize Brainware.

Courses in this Path


Instructor-led Course

Brainware Intelligent Capture: Core Concepts

This Brainware Intelligent Capture course will introduce learners to the basics of installing and creating a project from the ground up. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Classification and Extraction engines in order to make the best choices for the documents and fields they wish to capture. They will experience these methods using both Structured and Unstructured document types and will create a fully functioning project using the Designer and Runtime Service applications. Students will also experience the Verifier application and work with Exception Handling states as a part of their solution.

Rather learn at your own pace? This course is also offered in our virtual classroom—click here for details.

4 days Beginner


Instructor-led Course

Perceptive: Content for Administrators

For Perceptive customers, this is a foundation course that provides an overview of core functionality with a focus on process design and implementation. This course is ideal for attendees who are instrumental in developing and administering their Perceptive Content environment.
5 days Beginner


Complete one of the following:

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eLearning Course

Perceptive: Workflow: Hands-On Lab

Workflow lets you route a document through a business process from start to finish with a customizable set of options – right inside of Perceptive Content.

In this course, use Workflow as an end user, then transition to the role of administrator to build a new workflow from scratch. Add queues and routes, configure properties, give the right users and groups the appropriate privileges, add alerts, and test your configured workflow.

Lab versions available with this course: Perceptive Content 7.3 and Foundation EP1


  • For the best experience, please DO NOT use Firefox or Safari while completing this lab.

  • Using a VPN while taking this lab could negatively impact your outcome and/or experience. Please disconnect from your VPN before launching.

1 hours Beginner Premium
Self-Paced Course

Perceptive: Workflow for Administrators

The Perceptive Content: Workflow for Administrators class explores the design, creation, and management of Perceptive Workflow. The course includes many hands-on labs to focus on key concepts
and best practices demonstrated throughout the course.

Once registered for the course you will have access to a virtual machine for 31 days.

4 hours 30 minutes Intermediate


Complete one of the following:

eLearning Course

Perceptive: iScript Overview

David Barton and Adam Decatur from the Solution Development team present an overview on what iScript is and when to use an iScript to trigger your Perceptive Content processes. Some programming experience in XLS and JavaScript will be helpful for this overview.
44 minutes Beginner Premium
Self-Paced Course

Perceptive: iScript for Developers

In this self-paced course, you will learn how to maximize the benefits of automating business processes using iScript, the proprietary, JavaScript-based language of Perceptive Content. Your instructor guides you through each lab exercise and then turns you loose to complete the exercise in your own virtual machine.

Before you take this course, it is recommended that you have programming experience in XSL and JavaScript languages.
31 days Intermediate