Premium Subscription

One subscription, hundreds of hours of technical training for your entire Hyland team. Learn anytime. Anywhere.

With one subscription, your entire organization gains access to the 200+ hours of Hyland Technical training for every member of your Hyland team. That means with just one subscription, you can train your end users, support reps, new employees, and seasoned experts. With Premium Subscription, your Hyland organization has everything you need to support and grow your Hyland solution.

About Premium

One Subscription

Premium Subscription is an organization-wide training tool, so it only takes one to train everyone.

On-Demand Training

Anytime. Anywhere. Learn on the go, around the globe, and when it is convenient for your team 24/7/365.

Organized by Role

It takes different skills to craft and support a successful Hyland solution, search by role to find what's right for you.

Growing Course Gallery

Bigger is better, so we are always adding courses to the Hyland Gallery to support new features and solutions.

Premium + Learning Paths

Access all courses in Learning Paths for improved step-by-step mastery of Hyland modules and solutions.

API Developer Recertification

Renew your Hyland OCAPI (OnBase Certified API Developer) certification by successfully completing courses.

Trackable Results

Complete courses, earn training records, and track your team's success. It's the ultimate professional development tool.

Resources & Lab Files

Learn by doing, access and download best practices, labs, white papers, and other Hyland resources.

End User Training

Train your end users either online or by self-hosting files on your servers. Training has never been easier.

Premium Subscription Advantage

Organizational Training

Premium Subscription is the industry-leading, on-demand training tool from Hyland Software. It's designed to provide you and your organization around-the-clock access to a growing gallery of on-demand training courses. It is targeted, Hyland technical training available anytime, anywhere and for everyone. That means easy access to Hyland Professional development for your Hyland team.

 Premium Subscription
 Premium Subscription

Ultimate Professional Development Tool

As a professional development tool, Premium Subscription offers features that put it in a class of its own in the ECM industry. Courses are organized by role, from end users to business analysts, and from system administrators to workflow developers, there is something for every team member. Use learning activities and assessments to track completion, along with custom reports, Premium is the best tool to train your team.

Training. Anytime. Anywhere.

Premium Subscription takes eLearning to a new level. Pause, rewind & playback each course - we even bookmark where you leave off for your next visit. Whether you are in the office or on the road, Premium goes with you. Never miss an opportunity to learn something new because Premium will be there when you need it.

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8 Ways to use Premium Subscription with your team

Use Learning Paths

Learn step-by-step using Learning Paths, with Premium, you have more access to courses, which means more opportunities to learn.

End User Training

Use our online eLearning courses, or download our self-hosted version and host it internally, to train larger groups on the most popular OnBase clients.

Lunch and learns

Learn as a team! Order lunch, gather the team, and watch Premium Subscription to learn a new module, solution, or to prepare for the growth of your solution.

New Employee Training

Use our introductory courses to train your newest team members on the basics of Hyland from end user training, to our more technical training offerings.

help your HELP DESK

Use Premium Subscription to help your first line of support research modules or to help answer commonly asked Hyland questions.

Renew API Certification

Recertify your API Certified developers (OCAPI), and add two years onto their certification by completing courses on updates to the OnBase API and features.

Prepare for Upgrade

Learn about the latest Hyland features and enhancements, plus strategies for upgrading your Hyland solution. Take the fear out of upgrading your solution.

Expand your solution

With over 400 hours of Hyland training, discover new ways to use the modules you own, and learn new solutions to expand the Hyland solution that you have.


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