Premium Training: Office Hours

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We hope you enjoy the meeting where you will learn from the pros how to best use Premium’s training tools to meet the needs of your organization’s unique environment.

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Previous Office Hours Recordings

Watch November’s Office Hours here! See the Pro Tips connecting how to use Hyland Community’s resources along with Premium to best understand the training your teams need!

Premium Office Hours
Episode 4 | November 16, 2021
Premium Office Hours
Episode 3 | July 21, 2021
Premium Office Hours
Episode 2 | June 30, 2021
Premium Office Hours
Episode 1 | May 12, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

This functionality has been on our roadmap for some time and is currently in development.

Later this year we will be scheduling an Office Hours conversation to break down our upcoming roadmap and we’ll be including this topic in that conversation.

The current Learning Paths focus on mastering a Hyland role, solution or module. As the courses in each path are critical toward attaining this mastery, we don’t suggest omitting any of the courses in a Learning Path.

However, we understand that not every solution and team is the same, so we are investing in our next generation Learning Paths that will enable users and teams to customize the experience.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Office Hours on the Premium Subscription Road Map.

Great question, this functionality is coming, and we will be rolling out updates to the site so you can see both the status of your Learning Paths, and your certifications. Until that time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to for a quick answer to your queries.

Currently we cannot provide reporting access to more than one user from an organization, due in part to the fact that many organizations consider reporting to be private across teams.

Later this year we will be scheduling an Office Hours conversation to break down our upcoming roadmap and we’ll be including this topic in that conversation.

Yes, and we have been working hard on this. We will be making our roadmap public in the coming months. Stay tuned, it’s great stuff!!

Thank you for your collaboration in making Premium be as effective as possible. We sincerely appreciate the input. Please let us know your thoughts at

Additionally, many of our courses might appear to be outdated, but decisions have been made to retain them in the catalog as they still hold value for key training. We also respect that not all users are on the same versions of software, and want to be inclusive of the entire Hyland Community. We work very hard to maintain an engaging catalog, and appreciate your interest and perspective!

Saving courses, providing the ability to ‘favorite’ a course and being able to identify courses you want to monitor is an upcoming feature of both Premium Subscription and

Hyland product version is always under consideration but not yet on our roadmap. We can indicate the version that a course was recorded in, but that is only part of the story. For example, even if the UI changes, the content of that course may also be applicable for the next five versions of the software. Contact us at to share a use case for the version feature as we often find solutions collaborating and learning together, and would welcome the conversation.

If you are not yet a Premium subscriber, you and your end users can still experience the Premium difference.

We make certain Premium courses free on a rotating basis, with the rotation formula largely based on customer demand. If there are Premium courses you'd like to suggest be a part of our rotation program, please let us know by emailing

We currently do not have this feature on our roadmap, and please feel free to reach out to for more information.

One suggestion to ease your personal navigation would be to conduct the search that meets your needs, and then BOOKMARK it in your browser. Since our search filters create a unique URL you can save your search with your preferred filters.

Hyland is currently working on an update to our authentication and login process that will make authentication into Hyland web properties more seamless than ever before. This is slated for release later this year, so stay tuned.

We are always looking to make our Upgrade Adoption Kit more valuable to our users especially in industry-specific instances. Contact us at, let's discuss.