Upgrade Kit

OnBase 18 and beyond.

What is the Upgrade Adoption Kit?

The Upgrade Adoption Kit is included with your Premium Subscription and will help your OnBase team plan, manage and ensure the adoption of the new version of OnBase by your user community. Within the End User Adoption Kit you will find tools, templates, and best practices to help ensure a smooth rollout of the latest version of OnBase.


We've made using the Upgrade Adoption Kit simple with our guide. The Upgrade Kit guide features:

  • A breakdown of groups to target during an upgrade
  • What the various components of the kit are, and what they can be used for
  • Best practices from organizations, including Hylands own internal solution team

Premium Subscription Upgrade Adoption Kit Components


Use these tools to help plan your communications and display information around your organization.

Email Communication

These Outlook template email files will jumpstart your end users understanding of your upcoming OnBase upgrade.

Webinar Materials

This PowerPoint Template and email along with a guide and script will help you prepare, communicate and present an Upgrade Webinar.

Training Materials

Use these tools to educate your end users. Use the available training or customize it for your organization using the raw files.

Downloading of the Upgrade Adoption Kit in its entirety or its components is subject to the Digital Content License Agreement