Join us for our OnBase focused TechQuest with more than 70 hands-on sessions in our remote classroom experience.

New for 2022! Participate in our new Certificate Program. Learn more below.

November 7-11, 2022


New Certificate Program

New at TechQuest you will have the chance to earn 4 different certificates!

Earn one or multiple certificates by attending one of the specific sessions listed below and then completing an assessment after each class

Certificate Courses

  1. EP5 Hyland Cloud Ready (315/514 Migrating from Premise to the Hyland Cloud)
  2. EP5 Administrating in the Hyland Cloud (164/563 OnBase Administration in the Hyland Cloud)
  3. EP5 Workflow Troubleshooting (417/518 Workflow Troubleshooting – Level Up *NEW*)
  4. EP5 Troubleshooting your Healthcare Solution (116/416 Troubleshooting Your OnBase Healthcare Solution *NEW*)

At the conclusion of the identified sessions, the instructor will provide you with a url to access the assessment. You have 14 days to successfully complete the assessment. Upon successful completion you will receive your certificate via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Certificate is tied to a specific date or version and doesn't expire.

A Certification will expire and will need to be renewed every two years.