TechQuest: Perceptive Content

Join us to learn how to unlock the potential of your Perceptive Content system working with our services, R&D and support teams.

TechQuest: Perceptive Content FAQs

Welcome to the TechQuest: Perceptive Content Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have looked through this page, and still cannot find an answer to a question you have - please contact us at


There could be a variety of reasons that you’re unable to login. Such as:

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    • This is not an instantaneous approval. Replying to two confirmation emails is part of the approval process. Applications are approved within 48 hours.
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You may submit session change requests up to a week prior to the start of the conference to

Cancellations received by midnight, 7 days before the start of the conference will receive a refund. Substitutions may be made at any time by sending an e-mail to

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The colored dots represent the technical level of the courses. They range from Beginner to Expert.

  • Beginner - Appropriate for someone who has only attended System Administration
  • Intermediate - Appropriate for someone who has attended System Administration plus another course in the topic area
  • Expert - Appropriate for someone who has attended System Administration, a course in the topic area, and either multiple years with the topic or multiple conference sessions

Courses for TechQuest are geared towards experienced Hyland Professionals who want to continue their professional development and prepare themselves to support the latest version of Hyland products. We recommend you have already attended System Administration/Introduction to Install or have the equivalent level of knowledge.

The post conference material is typically sent within two weeks following the conclusion of the conference.